Haircut Sir?

Last week James needed his hair cut. A simple enough task you might think, but in James’ case it is one of very many tasks that require a routine to be known, and more importantly rigorously followed, in every aspect. Firstly, there is the location; sat on the wooden bench in our hallway at home. … Continue reading Haircut Sir?

The Man Lowered Through The Roof – Faith More Important Than Healing?

I sometimes get asked what my views are on divine healing; whether I believe that God heals people, why he might heal one person and not another, even whether I’ve ever prayed for healing for James. At a recent conference that I was speaking at, I was asked again in the context of whether it is right to pray for the healing of someone else, someone who may not have even given their consent to be prayed for, in this case a child. A lot of questions here; big questions, big implications for them… So, here we go…

2017: A Faith Odyssey

In 1968 ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, possibly the most iconic sci-fi movie of all-time, hit the cinema.  16 years later the sequel, ‘2010: The Year We Make Contact’ arrived.  Both are firm favourites of mine, but a clip from ‘2010’ has been going around in my head this week, a week that has been hugely … Continue reading 2017: A Faith Odyssey

Children’s Peer Groups: Same Age? Or Shared Interest?

Sometimes, we do things that can make very little sense at all. Sometimes, we do those things unthinkingly, because “It’s always been done that way…”  Sometimes, it’s only when we are challenged to really think about it, that we realise that there might be a better way… That’s the journey I’ve been on recently when … Continue reading Children’s Peer Groups: Same Age? Or Shared Interest?