‘Weak Made Strong’

Have you ever built a great big tower out of Jenga blocks?  Seen how high you can build it until it falls over?  Great fun isn’t it!  Around this time last year, I was helping out at Spring Harvest, the Christian festival that runs every Easter.  My role was to support guests with additional needs … Continue reading ‘Weak Made Strong’

‘Tuts, Looks, and Loud Comments’ – Let ALL The Little Children Come To Me (Part 2)

Heartbreakingly, 60% of children with additional needs are bullied (source: Ability Path). With some 2.5 million children and young people in the UK having an additional need of some kind, that’s 1.5 million who have experienced bullying… One is one too many, 1.5 million is an absolute outrage! When we think about childhood bullying, the … Continue reading ‘Tuts, Looks, and Loud Comments’ – Let ALL The Little Children Come To Me (Part 2)

‘Let ALL The Little Children Come To Me…’

I received a message last Sunday that made my blood boil… Those of you that know me will appreciate that this doesn’t happen very often; I’m rather determined at times but rarely lose my temper. The message I received made me furious, absolutely mad as could be… Livid… I still am, and here’s why… Some … Continue reading ‘Let ALL The Little Children Come To Me…’

‘Minecraft, Lego & Additional Needs Children’s Work!’

  That moment… that moment as a children’s or youth worker when you realise during the ‘talk time’ that you’ve just lost some of your group. They were able to focus for the first three or four minutes, but now, five minutes in, you see them starting to get distracted, starting to fidget. You’ve lost … Continue reading ‘Minecraft, Lego & Additional Needs Children’s Work!’

‘The Power Of Yes!’

Warm summers evenings… do you remember those?  I remember one a while back, when running a weeknight children’s club at my home church.  A beautiful evening, so I was very happy to be on the door greeting the children as they arrived, and saying hello to their parents.  It was then that I saw a … Continue reading ‘The Power Of Yes!’