Lessons From Exclusion

The opportunities to make good or bad choices regarding children and young people with additional needs or disability exist in our church based work every week. A few months ago I wrote a blog post ‘Haircut Sir?’ that included a brief story about a youth leader being put through to my ‘phone one day whose … Continue reading Lessons From Exclusion

This Little Light Of Mine

Sometimes, I’m really surprised by people… in a good way.  Sometimes, in circumstances that could go badly wrong, you see the best of people in unexpected ways.  Sometimes, angels appear where and when you least expect them to… A few days ago I needed to pay a cheque (yes, they do still exist!) into the … Continue reading This Little Light Of Mine

A Fathers’ Love For His Son

“Dad-dy!”… One of the few words that James can say (others include “please”, “no”, “more” and, rather awkwardly, “beer”).  Unlike any of his other words (especially “beer”!), when James says “Dad-dy!” he touches my heart in a very special way… there is a wonderful connection that the word forms between our two hearts.  It stirs … Continue reading A Fathers’ Love For His Son

Swept Away, But Saved!

I will never forget the events of that sultry mid-summers day, both for the great significance of them for a young boy called Freddie, but also for how his story speaks to each of us that care for, and about, children or young people with additional needs… The day had started quite uneventfully, but as … Continue reading Swept Away, But Saved!