‘Additional Needs Families And A Truly Supportive Church’

Often the starting point for a church looking to be more inclusive of children and young people with additional needs is to seek out some training to help them to do this better during their Sunday morning sessions, or during a mid-week club night.  To be able to work more effectively with all children and … Continue reading ‘Additional Needs Families And A Truly Supportive Church’

‘Disrupted, Resilient, Vulnerable, Broken, Loving’

One of the things about parenting a child or young person with additional needs, is that life is never predictable…  Just when you think that everything is going along quite well, out of nowhere something will happen that turns everything upside down and breaks it apart again.  That this might happen on a fairly regular … Continue reading ‘Disrupted, Resilient, Vulnerable, Broken, Loving’

‘My Brother Is Different’

Those of us that are the parents of a child with additional needs, or who support a child with additional needs, so often put so much of our time, energy and focus (and rightly so) into helping that child or young person to thrive, to engage with the world, to develop as fully as possible, … Continue reading ‘My Brother Is Different’

‘Parents Out Of Fuel’

Some days stay in the memory a long time… This one I will never forget; it was the day that I learned what a terrific sense of humour God has!  And I was on the receiving end… As so many stories do, this one started quite simply…  I set off from the Urban Saints offices … Continue reading ‘Parents Out Of Fuel’