‘Prayer – Essential In Inclusive Children’s & Youth Work’

Prayer is an essential element in inclusive children’s and youth work…  seems an obvious thing to say doesn’t it?  Yet it still surprises me how many times we overlook including God in what we are doing… Take the ‘phone call I received once as an example of this…  In the role that I have, I … Continue reading ‘Prayer – Essential In Inclusive Children’s & Youth Work’

‘Additional Needs Parenting: Unpredictable, Impactful, Inspirational’

Those of you who regularly follow my blog will know that the past week has been a challenge…  In ‘Prayer – We Don’t Always Get The Answer We Asked For’ last week, I wrote about how that day James had refused to go in to school, with all the disruption that had caused…  Things have … Continue reading ‘Additional Needs Parenting: Unpredictable, Impactful, Inspirational’

‘Prayer – We Don’t Always Get The Answer We Asked For’

Those of you that read my previous blog, ‘School Minbus Mystery Mayhem’, will know that we’ve been having some significant issues recently supporting and helping James to get into school…  Once he’s there he has a great time, does really well, and comes home happily, but getting him there is proving harder and harder… Yesterday, … Continue reading ‘Prayer – We Don’t Always Get The Answer We Asked For’

‘School Minibus Mystery Mayhem!’

Routine is important in our house, it helps the day run more smoothly and it helps James to cope with the many transitions that the day brings.  Our school-day morning routine has been carved in stone for many years… James is got up at 07:30, comes down to his den to be helped to wash … Continue reading ‘School Minibus Mystery Mayhem!’