‘… and a Happy New Year?’

Christmas has come and gone, with all of its celebration, joys, and maybe some trials and tribulations thrown in for good measure…  Racing up next we say goodbye to the old year and cheer in the new; but how that makes you feel might well depend on the kind of year you’ve had, and any … Continue reading ‘… and a Happy New Year?’

‘What Nativity Part For A Disabled Child?’

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in nativity season!  A stress fuelled time of rehearsals, costumes, children trying to learn their parts, performances, tears and tantrums (and that’s just the adults!)  Most schools have done theirs now as term ends, while many churches have theirs still to do this coming weekend.  Tensions are running high, … Continue reading ‘What Nativity Part For A Disabled Child?’

Church Children’s Work: Do ‘Age Groups’ Or ‘Interest Groups’ Work Best?

Sometimes, we do things that can make very little sense at all...  Sometimes, we do those things unthinkingly, because “It’s always been done that way…”.  Sometimes, it’s only when we are challenged to really think about it, that we realise that there might be a better way… That’s the journey I’ve been on when thinking … Continue reading Church Children’s Work: Do ‘Age Groups’ Or ‘Interest Groups’ Work Best?

‘Children With Additional Needs Are NOT Second Best To Jesus’

Jesus is surely the greatest story teller the world has ever known.  His stories, also known as parables, are lively, exciting, challenging and filled with teaching.  Every time we read one of Jesus’ parables, we learn something new through them… they speak into our lives like no other storyteller has. We all have our favourite … Continue reading ‘Children With Additional Needs Are NOT Second Best To Jesus’

‘Treasure In The Darkness’

‘Return of the Night Drives!!’ No, not a new film, but a recommencing of night time nocturnal adventures with James, the first for a few weeks!  We were out earlier this week for well over an hour, having a wonderful time exploring the local area in the dark, visiting the airport, finding other places where … Continue reading ‘Treasure In The Darkness’