How Do I Know If My Disabled Child Can Have A Faith?

How do I know if my disabled child can have a faith? It’s a question many parents of children with disabilities ask, but there are clues to find, things Jesus did, ways of understanding how our child responds to God, that give us answers.

When God Speaks: My Journey With Additional Needs Ministry

A few days later, God turned up in the middle of the night… and then I saw an image very clearly in my mind. I remember feeling quite smug, thinking I’d guessed God’s punchline…  I’d guessed wrong!

Jesus Christ: Poor, Child Refugee, Homeless, Disabled?

During his life on earth Jesus challenged the accepted culture of his time, often creating a societal and political storm as he did so.  He was not what many expected the Messiah to be, even though there had been plenty of prophesy that provided more than enough detail of what to expect from him.  He … Continue reading Jesus Christ: Poor, Child Refugee, Homeless, Disabled?