Why Additional Needs Parenting Is Like Body Surfing!

Have you ever tried body surfing?  Think surfing, but without a surfboard or body board, just using your own body to ride the waves.  What has this got to do with additional needs parenting? Well, it all depends on the size of the waves!

Who Stops Disabled Children From Being Included In Church?

Surely in this day and age there can’t be anyone who would stop children with additional needs or disabilities, and their families, from being able to access church; anyone who would exclude them from all that church offers; anyone who would prevent them from belonging to the church community, can there?  But sadly, this does happen all too often and some of the people responsible might surprise you!

Additional/Special Needs Parenting: Welcome To Holland, Not Italy

The road to acceptance can be a long one for parents of children with additional/special needs or disability.  Some reach it quicker than others, some struggle to get there at all.  There are many stops along the way where we can get ‘stuck’… Additional/Special Needs Parenting: Welcome To Holland, Not Italy

Back To Church: Helping Every Child To Belong

How do I include all children & young people with additional needs in my church?  As many church children's and youth groups return back after the summer break this week, we explore how everyone can be included and belong.