Can Halloween be inclusive for children with Additional/Special Needs?

While Halloween is a fun time of year for many children, it can be a really difficult time for some, including many children with additional/special needs.  For them it can be a confusing, anxiety inducing, or even utterly terrifying time.  But it doesn’t have to be like that; if we stop for a moment to think about the things they might find hard and how to put things in place to help them, they can safely join in the fun too.

Horse riding as a therapy for Autistic children (guest blog)

This weeks blog post is from a guest blogger, Nicky Ellis from 'Horses and Foals' who writes about how horse riding therapy can help Autistic children... If your child enjoys riding a horse it’s the best therapy you can give your child to improve their skills!

Why Church Needs A Reboot Before Everyone Can Truly Belong

For many people church as it currently exists in many, many places just doesn’t work, can’t work, won’t work.  And it’s not just people on the margins of society that this is true for, it’s true for the majority of the communities in which these churches are located.  It’s just even worse if you don’t happen to conform to the ‘typical’, ‘expected’ profile of church attendee; and that includes many, even most, families who have a child with additional/special needs or disabilities. Church needs a reboot before everyone can truly belong.

Seven Ways To Make Your Children’s and Youth Work More Inclusive (short video)

If a picture paints a thousand words, I wonder how many a video paints? This four-and-a-half minute video, which I recorded with Urban Saints, provides you with seven tips to help, encourage and inspire you to make your children's or youth work more accessible and inclusive, to create belonging for everyone. There are loads of links to other resources, videos and information to help you too!