All-Age Intergenerational Inclusion

Intergenerational, all-age, all-together, call it what you like this can mean different things to different people depending on our context, our setting, even our age! But what does this mean in the context of additional needs inclusion? Well, again it can mean something different to everyone you ask, but here are a few different ways … Continue reading All-Age Intergenerational Inclusion

Inclusive Festivals And Summer Camps

It’s festival season, a time of year when across the country people are heading to events themed around everything from music to food, cars, sports or lifestyles. There are, of course, lots of Christian festivals and summer camps held at this time of year too, but how can these festivals be inclusive for children and … Continue reading Inclusive Festivals And Summer Camps

The Institutionalised Torture Of Our Children

Last week on 6th June 2019 a Tweet struck me deeply; it affected me like very few Tweet’s have before, and as you can imagine for someone working in the disability field that’s saying something.  It was a Tweet from Rachel Lucas of Sky News (@RachelSkyNews), who had been doing a piece about NHS inpatient care … Continue reading The Institutionalised Torture Of Our Children