Fiddles/Fidget Boxes

A selection of different fiddles/fidget boxes to help children and young people (and maybe adults too) with a variety of additional/special needs to meet their sensory needs and assist focus, concentration and calming.

Some fiddles boxes are available anytime, but we also sometimes offer some special seasonal fiddles boxes for Christmas, Easter, Summer etc. so look out for these ‘specials’!

“I bought two of the fiddle bags for my children. Both my children are autistic but with very different sensory needs. I wondered what they would make of them but they both loved them! My non-verbal son is a sensory seeker who loves moving, flapping, noise and colour. He waved the material about, adored the bendy stick and giggled when the bubbles were blown. His sister loved the play doh, the bubbles, the book and pencils and the ball. The rattle egg was popular with them both too!

Over a week later and the items are still regularly used both to calm, entertain and amuse. The material is taken to bed every night and my son has spent hours putting them in and out of the bag over and over. I highly recommend these items. They are quality, well made, well priced and bring so much delight. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you Mark!”
Miriam Gwynne, parent and award winning blogger

“Thank you so much, we had a couple of emails yesterday from delighted families who were very appreciative (see example quote below). Apparently even the bubble wrap was a win!”
“The sensory / play box arrived and it’s amazing!! Thank you so much. ‘L’ will love this. He gets back from school soon and I can’t wait to show him.” “I’m not sure if you’ve ever Zoomed with flashing lights and bubbles, but we just had a lovely session with @lifeprojectbath Mini Springs families showing us their favourite bits of the fiddle boxes we sent them. Thanks so much @Mark_J_Arnold!”
Jess Thompson, Head of Accessible Church Ministry, New Wine re: supply of 10 x large fiddles boxes

Mini Fiddles Box £5.00 (OFFer Price)
(plus £3.50 p&P UK. £5.00 Int’l)

This mini personal fiddles box comes in its own tub and contains at least 10 items including:

Dance scarf
Stretchy people x2
Twist & Lock Blocks
Stretchy snake
Egg maracas
Spikey bounce ball
Pipe cleaners x2
Information sheet
Plastic tub

Large Fiddles Box £13.50 (OFFER Price) (Plus £3.50 P&P UK, £5.00 Int’l)

Large fiddles box to support several children/young people either at home or at church or school:

Rainbow push and pop silicone sheet
Bubble mix and wand (225ml)
Neon bounce light up ball
Crystal glitter putty (three colours)
Soft toy (various)
Colourful stretchy ‘snake’
Squeeze mesh ball
Activity book
Pack of 12 colouring pencils
Wooden twist and lock blocks
Egg maracas
Stretchy smiley people (x2)
Spiky light up ball
Colourful dance scarf
Pack of wooden animal/dinosaur dominoes
Pipe cleaners (x6)
Information sheet
Clear tough plastic box with lid

Contents can vary depending on availability, but good replacements will be provided if necessary.

To order a fiddles box (or several!) contact Mark (The Additional Needs Blogfather) and pay via PayPal.

For more information about fiddles boxes, what they can be used for and how to use them, watch this helpful video: