The Additional Needs Blogfather runs the Urban Saints ‘All Inclusive?’ series of online additional/special needs training programmes to help parents/carers and children’s/youth/families workers understand and support children and young people with additional/special needs and disabilities.

For each programme you get a full-colour A4 training workbook packed with resources and
information, a link to a playlist of supporting videos, then a Zoom session to explore what
we’ve learned together, put some of it into practice, and lots of time for discussion and Q&A.

For more details and to book on to the training programmes see below or visit:

Feedback from training sessions includes:

“Just wanted to say thank you for facilitating the course this morning, it was brilliant. I wish I could have got our whole team on…”

“It’s an amazing opportunity to gather information and informed advice
and tips. Answered my questions and uncertainties and made me feel
equipped and excited about how I can work alongside all young people.”

“It was really good to receive the online videos and workbook information well in advance of the Zoom meeting.”

‘All Inclusive?’

Most children’s and youth workers want to include children of all abilities and needs in what they do, but many struggle to make this a reality. There are many different kinds of special or additional needs, and each one, each child, needs thinking about and planning for carefully.

It is hard for children’s and youth workers to navigate the right path through this sometimes difficult and complex area; being caring, inclusive and supportive to each child (and their families), while not losing focus on the needs of the rest of the group.

This is an area that is confusing and challenging to many of us who are responsible for looking after children and young people who have special or additional needs. How can parents, churches and children’s/ youth workers not only understand more about the children we are working with, but also change the way we work with them so to be more inclusive and create belonging for all?

Making Sense Of Our Senses

There are at least eight senses; five that we can all think of; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, as well as three that we might not know so much about; vestibular (balance and movement), proprioception (body awareness), and interoception (awareness of what’s happening inside the body). 

This seminar explores all eight senses, and provides us with practical ways to learn about them with our own children, or with children we care for in a club or group, as well as thinking about what Jesus did when he met people with sensory impairments or how he and the disciples responded to their own senses.

We will also understand Sensory Processing Disorder, which is journeyed with by as many as one-in-ten children and young people and is often experienced alongside a range of other additional needs and disabilities.

Disability Equality

Disability equality – Understanding the Equality Act and how it applies to all children’s and youth work.

Disability Equality Legislation Guidelines; detail regarding terms used and current disability legislation, specifically the Equality Act 2010, in relation to children’s/ youth work. 

Urban Saints Disability Equality Policy; how Urban Saints applies disability equality law. 

Further Supporting Information; tips and resources to help and support you. 

The seminar provides you with everything you need to better understand the legal requirements under current disability equality legislation to treat equally children, young people, and adult team members with additional needs or disabilities within groups, camps and overseas mission trips etc.

Let’s learn together how to put in place changes and strategies to help every child and young person to be included, to be able to access everything they want to, for everyone to belong.