‘All Inclusive?’ – The Video Collection

When I’m running ‘All Inclusive?’ training, I often mention the extra information that is available on video to supplement the person-to-person training content, or to give participants the opportunity to review some of what we’ve covered together.

In this blog, I’m bringing a few of those video’s together into one place, so that everyone can access this learning and development content:

‘All Inclusive?’ Live (35 minutes)
A short version of some of the content covered on a typical ‘All Inclusive?’ training event, including the ‘state of the nation’, and some top tips and tools for inclusion.


‘All Inclusive?’ the SENCO Special (12 minutes)
What difference does it make to have someone owning inclusion at church? What does an ‘Inclusion Champion’ or ‘Church SENCO’ do?


‘All Inclusive?’ the Fiddles Box Special (14 minutes)
What is a ‘Fiddles Box’, what is it used for, who might use it, what are the benefits, and what is in one?


‘All Inclusive?’ Age Groups or Interest Groups (21 minutes)
What works best, organising children’s and youth work by age groups, or by the things that they enjoy doing across wider/all ages?  With special guest Claire Dexter.

I hope these video’s help you as you work through how to make children’s, youth and families work more accessible, inclusive, and a place where everyone belongs.  Do contact me if you have any questions, or if you would like some training for your church or group, I would love to hear from you!

You can find out more about ‘All Inclusive?’ face-to-face training here: https://www.urbansaints.org/allinclusive

There are loads more video’s that will be helpful on my YouTube channel here (please subscribe!):

Every blessing,


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