The Neurodiverse Coke Can

As he walks through the front door, his parent asks him “Did you have a good day at school today, Jack?” and in doing so metaphorically pulls the ‘ring pull’ on the coke can that has been shaken all day… Boom! Jack erupts, and his parent wonders why this always happens at home and not at school…

Six Ways To Use Football To Aid Additional Needs Learning

Sometimes it can be hard to support our children to learn and develop, especially if their additional needs make learning extra hard. So, what can we do to help them to engage, stay focussed, and enjoy learning and developing?One way can be to use what they already enjoy doing to help them to learn. This … Continue reading Six Ways To Use Football To Aid Additional Needs Learning

Five Ideas For Sensory Spring Fun!

Spring is here, the Easter school holidays are coming up fast, longer, warmer days are approaching, so here’s five fun sensory ideas to try with your children to help them get out and explore and think about Spring! See Spring is the time when all the wildlife wakes up after the winter. If you have … Continue reading Five Ideas For Sensory Spring Fun!

How Happy Haircuts Happen!

We are all sensory creatures, exploring, understanding, and engaging with the world through all our many senses. This is just as true for someone who may have additional (special) needs as it is for anyone else.Sometimes we can be under-responsive (or hypo-sensitive) to sensory inputs, sometimes we can be over-responsive (or hyper-sensitive) to sensory inputs. … Continue reading How Happy Haircuts Happen!

Spring Is Coming: 10 Ideas To Get Out And Enjoy It!

Little by little the days are getting long, lighter, maybe even warmer… Green shoots are pushing up through the earth and there are the first flowers of the year, snowdrops and crocuses dazzling us with their beauty. Spring is coming! Crocuses and daisies on a grass field If, like me, you find winter especially hard, … Continue reading Spring Is Coming: 10 Ideas To Get Out And Enjoy It!

Encanto: What Does Luisa’s Song Teach Us About Mental Health?

(A guest post from my good friend Lydia Gibson...)I’m sure many, like me, can really relate to the character Luisa in Encanto. Her song has been going round and round in my head for days now (mostly because my 9-year-old is obsessed with the film at the moment!) I have been really struck by the … Continue reading Encanto: What Does Luisa’s Song Teach Us About Mental Health?

Rose And Giovanni: Inclusion Champions!

If you’ve been following Strictly Come Dancing this year, you can't help but to have been thrilled by the progress of Rose Ayling-Ellis a Deaf actress who plays ‘Frankie’ on Eastenders, and her professional dance partner Giovanni Pernice. Well last night was the Strictly Come Dancing final! [Spoiler alert: the result is mentioned and featured … Continue reading Rose And Giovanni: Inclusion Champions!

Make A Natural Autumn Fiddles/Fidget Box!

Autumn is a fabulous time of the year, so many changes in the natural world and so many treasures to look for and find! We’ve been making a natural fiddles/fidget box, maybe you would like to make one too?There are loads of wonderful, sensory things that you can add to a natural fiddles/fidget box. I’ll … Continue reading Make A Natural Autumn Fiddles/Fidget Box!

Non-Verbal Doesn’t Mean Non-Communicative!

There is a perception ‘out there’ that children who, for all kinds of reasons, are labelled or identified as ‘nonverbal’, are unable to communicate. That having less speech than other children (or no perceived speech at all) means that they cannot share how they are feeling, what they need, what they want to do, or … Continue reading Non-Verbal Doesn’t Mean Non-Communicative!

Fidgets And Fiddles: Meeting Sensory Needs

All of us, whether adults or children, whether we have special needs or not, are sensory creatures. We can all have senses that at times are under responsive (hyposensitive), or overly responsive (hypersensitive), meaning that we regularly, often subconsciously, are trying to balance our sensory systems. This can sometimes take the form of sensory seeking, … Continue reading Fidgets And Fiddles: Meeting Sensory Needs