Back To School: Resources For Families With Children With Additional Needs

A few months ago, as schools were fully opening after lockdown, I pulled together a list of resource websites that provided support and information for families of children with disabilities and additional needs whose children were returning to the classroom. As we start thinking about the next ‘back to school’ moment, later in August in some parts of the UK, early September in others, I’ve refreshed and updated the list to give you tools to help your child survive and thrive as they once again return to school.

I hope that this resource list will continue to grow as further resources are discovered, so do keep coming back to see what else might be helpful for you and your child. And if you have any helpful additions, do let me know and I’ll add them in for others to see:

There’s a free download on the Twinkl website that helps explain returning to school:

You will also be able to link to other helpful resources from here.

There are also free resources about returning to school on the Widgit website:

There’s a free downloadable pack about going back to school on the Makaton website too:

Lynn McCann at ReachoutASC has provided a wealth of free downloadable resources here:

Action for Children
Knowing how to talk things through with children can be hard, here’s some easy steps to follow from Action for Children:

There’s lots of useful information on the ParentKind website that can help you navigate a path through these difficult times too:–Blog

A wide range of useful free downloadable resources can be found on the Do-IT> website, under their rather appropriate heading of ‘Survive, Revive and Thrive’ (scroll to the bottom for a link to resources for parents):

Manchester University Foundation Trust
Here’s a great resource written in collaboration between Manchester University Foundation Trust, Manchester Local Care Foundation and One Education, providing a really helpful guide for parents about many aspects of the return to school, along with some positive and useful resources:

Autism little Learners

Just love this site, so full of useful stuff and there are some great Social Stories on this link:

As with all Social Stories, these should be adapted or used as a starting point to create a specific version for each child. More information about how to create Social Stories can be found on Lynn McCann’s site here:

I hope these resources help you to stay informed and able to inform and support your children as they return to school.



Text and image rights © 2021 Mark Arnold

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