Are You Being Silenced As A Special Needs Parent?

I don’t know about you, but I passionately believe in free speech.  I strongly feel that it is one of our most important rights, and it is one that I would willingly go to the barricades to defend, but when does discussion, debate, and even downright argument spill over into something much more sinister?  And … Continue reading Are You Being Silenced As A Special Needs Parent?

Is My Child’s Identity Defined By His Disability?

What defines us?  Where is our identity to be found?  Big questions, and for each person the answer is likely to be different.  What about our children, what defines them and is the key identifier in their life?  As parents we might have different ideas about this too, especially if our children have additional needs … Continue reading Is My Child’s Identity Defined By His Disability?

Who Will Fight For The Rights Of Less Able Autistics Like My Son?

Miriam’s son is very much a younger version of my son, James. When I read what Miriam has written here, she speaks for my son too. I stand with her in defending the rights of our children, and many more like them. People are often very quick to stand up for themselves, let’s all be willing to stand up for those for whom that is not possible.


This week the autistic community achieved something quite incredible. News began spreading earlier this week that a large government body had changed the wording on their site that said that anyone diagnosed autistic was now forced to inform the driving and vehicle licensing agency about their diagnosis potentially risking their driver’s licence.

The autistic community responded to this and rallied together defending their rights incredible well. They tweeted MP’s who battled for them, they started petitions and shared them everywhere, they made sure the leading charities supported them and they even looked into the law on the matter. As the wife of an autistic man who drives daily, and who I even taught to drive, I found it heartening and wonderful to watch a community come together and demand action. Days later the wording was changed back to its original wording that means autistic drivers, like those with any other…

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Accessible? Inclusive? Belonging For All? What About You?

Around 20% of children and young people have long-term additional needs or disabilities of some kind. That’s about 2.5 million in the UK alone. Many of them, and their families, feel excluded from a wide range of social activities, so how can we reach out to, and meet, the needs of these children and their … Continue reading Accessible? Inclusive? Belonging For All? What About You?