How Disney Pixar Films Teach Children That Disability Is ‘Bad’

Do Disney/Pixar movies help our children to develop a balanced and inclusive view of disability, or can they instead teach children that there is something ‘wrong’ with disabled people, including their disabled peers?

What Is Your ‘Ikigai’, Your ‘Calling’?

I don’t really think about what I do as ‘work’ anymore. It’s what I’m ‘meant’ to do, it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. If a distant relative that I had never known happened to leave me a million pounds, I would still do what I do, I can’t not do it, it’s my calling, my ikigai… What is yours?

Challenging Behaviour? Or Sensory Processing Difficulties?

With better understanding about our many senses and sensory processing difficulties, and with the right strategies in place, every leader can learn to make all that they do inclusive for every child and young person. Learning that behaviour is a form of communication is a great place to start.

How An Unexpected Change Broke Through Five Years Of Anxiety!

I know families like ours whose children (of any age) have been housebound for years or have not been inside anywhere new for a long time. James’ story gives these families hope; hope that their child may be supported to make a breakthrough too, hope that there may be a mountain top for them to enjoy someday as well… maybe sooner than they think!

A New Year Additional Needs Checklist

How about thinking about whether our children’s and youth work, as well as our church provision as a whole, meets the needs of children and young people with additional needs and their families? One great way to check where we are at with that is to do a simple audit to understand what we are already doing well, what is a ‘work in progress’, and what might need a bit more attention...

My One Additional Needs New Year Resolution…

For me my New Year resolution isn't something that will fade after a day, a week, a month; it is a calling that will extend through this year and beyond as long as God gives me breath in my body...

Standing With Ukraine But Not In This: Ukraine’s Disabled Young People

Once again the news is filled with horror; once again awful scenes from Ukraine fill our TV screens; but this time it's not the war with Russia that makes us shudder, it's footage of the special needs institutions, places of utter despair and heart-wrenching abuse and misery, that breaks our hearts.We've seen it before; the … Continue reading Standing With Ukraine But Not In This: Ukraine’s Disabled Young People

Why The Christmas Story Is Good News For Children With Additional Needs Too

As we remember the nativity story it might be hard to imagine how this familiar scene can bring good news to children with additional needs and their families. Here’s eight reasons why we should think differently though…

Being An Additional Needs ‘Grizzly Bear’ Parent

Most of the time, as parents of a child with additional needs, things work as they should. That doesn’t happen by accident, it takes a huge amount of planning and energy to ensure that everything goes smoothly, but to an unknowing onlooker everything looks under control, relatively calm, generally successful, like watching a grizzly bear … Continue reading Being An Additional Needs ‘Grizzly Bear’ Parent

Just Keep Swimming… Supporting Children And Young People With Additional Needs

Can you swim? When did you learn? Were you inspired by watching one of the Olympic greats winning a clutch of medals at an Olympic Games, maybe smashing a World Record or two on the way? Rebecca Adlington and Adam Peaty When you started to swim, taking those first, tentative steps into the water, could … Continue reading Just Keep Swimming… Supporting Children And Young People With Additional Needs