Children with Additional Needs, Autism ‘Cures’, and Abortion Advice

Oh my days, that’s quite a blog post title isn’t it?  All sorts of controversial topics wrapped up in there too… but it represents a compact summary of a bunch of things that have collided in the news, and in my mind, over the past few days.  Things that have in turn outraged, angered and … Continue reading Children with Additional Needs, Autism ‘Cures’, and Abortion Advice

‘Be Devoted To One Another In Love’

Devoted…  an important word, one which we often hear, and a word that we all probably think we fully understand; but do we?  How truly deep a word is it?  And what might it mean in the context of caring for a child or young person with additional needs; whether as parent, carer, other family … Continue reading ‘Be Devoted To One Another In Love’

‘What Nativity Part For A Disabled Child?’

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in nativity season!  A stress fuelled time of rehearsals, costumes, children trying to learn their parts, performances, tears and tantrums (and that’s just the adults!)  Most schools have done theirs now as term ends, while many churches have theirs still to do this coming weekend.  Tensions are running high, … Continue reading ‘What Nativity Part For A Disabled Child?’

‘Jesus At The Pools Of Siloam, Bethesda, And Our Bath!’

A couple of days ago something extraordinary happened… something totally unexpected… something that in its own way was delightful and wonderful…  James had a bath!  An hour-long soak! Now granted, expecting any 15-year-old lad to have a bath isn’t a given… but James isn’t any ordinary 15-year-old.  James is autistic, and also has learning disabilities, … Continue reading ‘Jesus At The Pools Of Siloam, Bethesda, And Our Bath!’

‘Fits, Fear, Faith, Friends, and Facebook’

Last week James, our 15-year-old Autistic son, had a fit;  a full tonic clonic grand mal seizure, something he’s never had before.  It is right up there with the most scary, frightening things I have ever experienced in my life (James knew very little about it himself, thank God)…  Even writing about it now brings … Continue reading ‘Fits, Fear, Faith, Friends, and Facebook’

‘Accessible Jesus: Modelling Inclusion’

One in five children and young people have an additional need or disability of some kind, and for many their additional needs or disabilities are lifelong and so continue into their adult life.  It is easy for children’s, youth and families workers, as well as church leaders, to be uncertain about how to appropriately support … Continue reading ‘Accessible Jesus: Modelling Inclusion’

‘Are Parents To Blame For Their Child’s Disability?’

That blog title caught your attention, didn’t it?  A controversial topic to grapple with in this blog post, but one that is so important for us all to understand and to communicate effectively… Some 2000 years ago, Jesus was asked that very question, as recorded here from John 9:1-3 “As he went along, he saw … Continue reading ‘Are Parents To Blame For Their Child’s Disability?’

‘Prayer – We Don’t Always Get The Answer We Asked For’

Those of you that read my previous blog, ‘School Minbus Mystery Mayhem’, will know that we’ve been having some significant issues recently supporting and helping James to get into school…  Once he’s there he has a great time, does really well, and comes home happily, but getting him there is proving harder and harder… Yesterday, … Continue reading ‘Prayer – We Don’t Always Get The Answer We Asked For’

‘Faith More Important Than Healing?’

I sometimes get asked what my views are on divine healing; whether I believe that God heals people, why he might heal one person and not another, even whether I’ve ever prayed for healing for James. At a recent conference that I was speaking at, I was asked again in the context of whether it is right to pray for the healing of someone else, someone who may not have even given their consent to be prayed for, in this case a child. A lot of questions here; big questions, big implications for them… So, here we go…