10 Ways To Belong – A Resource For Every Church

Working with the Methodist Church, Count Everyone In, and through Urban Saints and the Additional Needs Alliance, we’ve created a document to help churches support children, young people and young adults with additional needs to belong in every church.

What should church be like for children, young people and young adults with additional needs and disabilities?  We asked some young people for their insights and, drawing on their thoughts and those of others, came up with 10 ways for churches to be inclusive and to promote belonging for all.

This resource gives churches an opportunity to become better at welcoming and supporting those with additional needs.  It includes questions for reflection and points to put into action for each of the 10 ways.  Why not choose two or three that are relevant for your church and commit to improving them in the next 12 months?

You can see the full PDF document that was produced and distributed as a result of this work here:  10 Ways to Belong

More about The Methodist Church ‘Belonging’ broadcast conference that launched this resource, including video’s of some of the sessions, can be found here:  www.methodist.org.uk/belongingconference

The rather ‘impromptu’ social media launch of the resource with me and Gail Adcock from The Methodist Church can be viewed here:

Or, you can access the individual pages of the ’10 ways’ document below.  I hope you find this document helpful and can use it to make your church a place of belonging for everyone!

If you have any feedback on this resource, or would like to create something like this for your own denomination, please do get in touch via the ‘Contact The Additional Needs Blogfather’ link at the top of this blog site.


Mark Arnold
18th July 2019

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