Are You Feeling Exhausted?

We will soon be at the anniversary of the beginning of the first COVID-19 lockdown, which began with Boris Johnson’s address to the nation on the 23rd March 2020. A year on, and still in the third lockdown, every day seems the same; many of us are feeling a weariness, an overwhelming sense of exhaustion. It … Continue reading Are You Feeling Exhausted?

What Is Your Favourite Photo Of Your Additional Needs Child?

Possibly like no generations before, our children have grown up with their whole lives being captured on camera. Whatever our views on social media, many of our children have had their lives broadcast to the world as every achievement, milestone or event has been posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a hundred other platforms.As parents … Continue reading What Is Your Favourite Photo Of Your Additional Needs Child?

Looking For Light In The Darkness

These times we are living in are hard, aren’t they? Living through the last 12-months has sometimes seemed like a never ending ‘Groundhog Day’, and the current lockdown has seemed harder that previously due to fatigue and the weather not being so good.It seems so dark, and I don’t just mean the still short days … Continue reading Looking For Light In The Darkness

Washing My Autistic Sons’ Feet

James, my autistic son, gets cold feet. Sometimes this is because he often prefers to go barefoot, sometimes this is because his blood circulation isn’t as good as it might be, or maybe it’s a combination of the two. He likes to have his feet rubbed, to warm them up, but he has also enjoyed … Continue reading Washing My Autistic Sons’ Feet