Fathers Day: The Dads Collection

On Sunday it is Fathers Day. A day which will be celebrated by some, mourned by others, a day of mixed emotions for more. As the Additional Needs Blogfather, Dads of children and young people with additional needs and disabilities have always been close to my heart, whether they are in the family home, apart … Continue reading Fathers Day: The Dads Collection

Never, Never, Never Give In…

Parents of children with additional/special needs need stamina. We know that sometimes things can take a long time before we can see any positive change. We need to be resilient, in this for the long haul, for life! But sometimes we see a breakthrough with our child that energizes us again, that renews and refreshes … Continue reading Never, Never, Never Give In…

Acts Of Kindness In A Pandemic

Some wonderful thoughts about acts of kindness in a pandemic (and a familiar face for regular readers of The Additional Needs Blogfather!) in this excellent blog from my friend Miriam, who writes as ‘faithmummy’ (do read more of her blog posts, they are awesome!)


I stood in the playground of my daughter’s school in mid March as parents and grandparents gathered. There was only one thing being talked about: Coronavirus and panic buying! While many were stressing about shortages of toilet rolls and hand soap I was getting more and more stressed about the availability of baby wipes with two disabled children who both needed them. Since I wasn’t about to disclose to otherwise strangers about my children’s intimate care needs I kept quiet and walked my daughter home wondering how I would meet her and her brothers needs silently.

No-one could have predicted that by the end of that week my daughter’s school would close, along with every other school in the country, for an indefinite period due to a worldwide pandemic.

Coronavirus was no longer about which shops had toilet rolls but now about life and death and living in lockdown.


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Three Things Special Needs Dads Need To Know

Dads of children with special needs; I’ve met loads of them in the work that I do, nowhere near as many as the Mums that I’ve met, but whenever I’ve met special needs Dads, whether in a group or on their own, if I talk with them for long enough at least one of these … Continue reading Three Things Special Needs Dads Need To Know

Just Keep Swimming: Disabled Characters In Disney Pixar Films

Some of the most widely loved and memorable animated movies ever made have been created and distributed by Disney and Pixar, now part of the same media company. Many of these movie classics include characters who have, or may possibly have, additional/special needs or disabilities of some kind. Some of these characters, and their stories, … Continue reading Just Keep Swimming: Disabled Characters In Disney Pixar Films

Why It’s Not Time To Go Back To School

The headlines are full of the news that schools, particularly primary schools in England, are being prepared to open for children in years Reception, 1 and 6 (ages 4-5, 5-6 and 10-11) from Monday 1st June, if possible. That’s two weeks away. Pupils in secondary education who are taking exams next year, current years 10 … Continue reading Why It’s Not Time To Go Back To School

Lockdown Groundhog Day

When I woke up this morning, the first thing that struck me was that I had absolutely no idea what the date was or even what day of the week it was. No clue. Next I realised that I’ve experienced that feeling every day over the past few weeks during lockdown, as I’m sure many … Continue reading Lockdown Groundhog Day

It’s Time To Start Planning For A Return To Children’s, Youth & Families Work

There are a range of things that have suddenly appeared and taken over our lives in the past few months, 'Coronavirus', 'COVID-19', 'Social-Distancing', 'Lockdown', 'PPE' and more, and there is so much uncertainty as to if, when and how it's all going to end. But in these strange times that we live in, especially as … Continue reading It’s Time To Start Planning For A Return To Children’s, Youth & Families Work

Sensory Easter Story

As one of the most important times in the Christian calendar, Easter is a key teaching time for parents, as well as children's and youth workers. A time to remember, be thankful, and to celebrate what Jesus has done for us all. But the big story of Easter can be difficult for some children and … Continue reading Sensory Easter Story

Post Coronavirus: What Could The ‘New Normal’ Look Like?

This might seem like a very odd question to ask in the middle of the worst pandemic to engulf the human population for 100 years, but just like the Spanish Flu pandemic and all other pandemics, plagues and pestilences since the dawn of time, eventually there will be a post COVID-19 world to live in. … Continue reading Post Coronavirus: What Could The ‘New Normal’ Look Like?