Accessible Teaching: Holy Spirit – Unleashed Power

Message: God’s Holy Spirit gives us all a super-power, the power to ‘Glow’, to spread the Good News of Jesus’ love to everyone, and that’s been true all through history and is true now and is true tomorrow! Are you ready to glow?

Key point: God’s Holy Spirit empowers us all to ‘glow’!

Session plan:

Video: Watch the video and use the notes below to remind you of what the video says…
A version of this video including BSL is available here:

Hello! My name is Mark… welcome to our accessible session, how are you all doing? Are you ready to glow?

Reading: Acts 2:1-21 (I’m reading from the ‘Accessible Edition’ NT)

We’ve just read that God’s Holy Spirit came to the believers… but why? It was to help them to ‘glow’ to share the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus love to all people. We’ve going to be finding out a lot about God’s Holy Spirit and how he helps us all to ‘glow’ in these sessions!

If you are a Christian, you have God’s Holy Spirit in you already! Isn’t that amazing? When we’re sorry for the wrong things that we do, and we ask God to forgive us and come and live in us, He sends us His Holy Spirit to live in our hearts! If you’ve not said sorry to God and asked Him to come and live in your heart, why not ask Him today?

But why did the believers speak lots of different languages when the Holy Spirit came? Because there were people from all over the world there! Do you remember that long list of places? Do you use a different language? Maybe you speak Welsh, or Urdu, or Polish? Or maybe you use British Sign Language or Makaton? Or maybe you use a computer to help you communicate?

Can we share the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus, with people like the believers in the story? Yes, we can! God’s Holy Spirit can and will use us and whatever language, or different form of communication, we use to tell others about Jesus, to glow for Him!!

Prayer: Lord, help us to glow for you each and every day. Help us to glow for you with everyone we meet. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

A downloadable version of the above accessible teaching session can be found here:
Session 1

Next time: In the next session we’ll be exploring how we can ‘glow together’!

This content originally created for ‘Spring Harvest Home’ 2020

Image rights © Mark Arnold, except video with BSL © Mark Arnold/Spring Harvest

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