Accessible Teaching: Holy Spirit – Unleashed Presence

Message: The disciples preach the Good News and cannot be stopped. They are active in demonstrating God’s power. Their words are followed and backed up by signs and wonders.

Key point: We are all empowered to pass the glow on!

Session plan:

Video: Watch the video and use the notes below to remind you of what the video says…
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Hello! My name is Mark… welcome to our accessible session, are we still ‘glowing powerfully’? In this session we’re going to explore how God’s Holy Spirit helps us to ‘pass the glow on’!

Reading: Acts 5: 12-25 (I’m reading from the ‘Accessible Edition’ NT)

The believers met together and people thought well of them. How do you think people see us; do they think well of us? The believers were passing the glow on to everyone they met. They were also able to heal people that were ill and that were brought into the streets to meet them. What can you do to help people? How can you pass the glow on?

Sometimes the believers got into trouble with powerful people because they were jealous of the believers and all that they were doing. They even got put in jail because of their glow. Have you ever got into trouble for sharing about God and your love of Jesus? Even today, people around the world suffer because they believe in Jesus and share about his love.

The more the believers in the story got into trouble, and the more they shared about God and Jesus, the more they glowed and passed the glow on. What will you do to pass the glow on today? Could you share about Jesus with someone you live with, or with someone you speak with on the ‘phone or online today?

Prayer: Lord, help us to pass the glow on today with everybody that we meet or speak with. Help us to glow for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Next time: In the next session we’ll be exploring how we can ‘get up and glow’!

A downloadable version of the above accessible teaching session can be found here:
Session 3

This content originally created for ‘Spring Harvest Home’ 2020

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Image rights © Mark Arnold, except video with BSL © Mark Arnold/Spring Harvest

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