Accessible Teaching: Holy Spirit – Unleashed Potential

Message: Philip leaves the fruitful space for the desert – calling can be uncomfortable. The Gospel spreads worldwide. Saul is totally transformed to fulfil his calling, as is Ananias (delivered from fear).

Key point: We are all empowered to get up and glow and follow God’s call!

Session plan:

Video: Watch the video and use the notes below to remind you of what the video says…
A version of this video including BSL is available here:

Hello! My name is Mark… welcome to our accessible session, are we still ‘passing the glow on’? In this session we’re going to be exploring how God’s Holy Spirit helps us to ‘get up and glow’!

Reading: Acts 8: 26-40 (I’m reading from the ‘Accessible Edition’ NT)

Philip travelled to pass the glow on and on his way he met a man who had travelled much, much further, all the way from Ethiopia. We can’t travel very much at the moment, but we can still get up and glow for the people that we live with. We can ‘travel’ through the internet too, anywhere in the world! Where will you get up and glow with God’s Holy Spirit to today?

Where God sent Philip to was a desert, there weren’t many people there and it was a hard place to go to. Sometimes God asks us to go to unexpected places or speak to unexpected people to glow for him. Is there an unexpected place where you have been able to glow for God? Or has God led you to speak and glow to an unexpected person? What was that like? How did it make you feel? Philip shared his glow with the Ethiopian.

The Ethiopian couldn’t understand what he was reading, but Philip helped him to understand God’s word. Who helps you to understand the Bible? And who can you help? Maybe you can get up and glow by helping someone to understand the Bible today! Who might that be?

Prayer: Lord, it might be hard for us to get up and glow at the moment, but please give us opportunities to get up and glow for you, to help someone understand the Bible like Philip did. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Next time: In the next session we’ll be exploring how we can ‘glow in the dark’!

A downloadable version of the above accessible teaching session can be found here:
Session 4

This content originally created for ‘Spring Harvest Home’ 2020

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Image rights © Mark Arnold, except video with BSL © Mark Arnold/Spring Harvest

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