Accessible Teaching: Holy Spirit – Unleashed Participators

Message: Focus on the Church waking up, being set free and believing for more, in the power of God.

Key point: We are all empowered to glow in the dark, whatever we face!

Session plan:

Video: Watch the video and use the notes below to remind you of what the video says…
A version of this video including BSL is available here:

Hello! My name is Mark… welcome to our accessible session, are we still ‘getting up to glow’? In this session we’re going to explore how God’s Holy Spirit helps us to ‘glow in the dark!’

Reading: Acts 12: 1-17 (I’m reading from the ‘Accessible Edition’ NT)

Peter was arrested because he believed in Jesus, and he was put in prison. It wasn’t very nice there and he was guarded by soldiers. It must have been really horrible for Peter, but he kept glowing for God, even in the dark! When things are hard for us, maybe like they are at the moment, do we keep glowing like Peter?

The believers prayed hard for Peter, and God heard them and rescued Peter. Do you believe that God hears your prayers? He does, you know, and he answers them too! Not always as we expect, and not always right away, but he always hears and answers. What will you pray about today?

The believers were thrilled when Peter arrived back with them, their prayers had been answered. They must have been glowing too! Peter reminded them that God had heard their prayers and had rescued him. It was night, they all glowed in the dark! Lots of people are in prison today because they love Jesus, why not pray for them like the believers prayed for Peter. Let’s pray against evil, lets glow in the darkness!

Prayer: Lord, help us to glow in the darkness for you today. Whatever life brings for us today, or in the future, let us always stand up for you, trust in you, glow for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Next time: In the next session we’ll be exploring how we can ‘glow on and on’!

A downloadable version of the above accessible teaching session can be found here:
Session 5

This content originally created for ‘Spring Harvest Home’ 2020

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Image rights © Mark Arnold, except video with BSL © Mark Arnold/Spring Harvest

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